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 DiscGuards provide ultimate CD Protection and DVD Protection

 Protective Sleeves for CD, DVD, Data, Photo & Game Media Storage

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DiscSox DiscGuard CD Protection

The Ultimate Disc Protection

CD accessories, CD Storage Sleeves, DVD Storage Sleeves DJ Cases & CD/DVD Cabinets minimize storage space and provide ultimate disc protection.CD/DVD holders, CD/DVD Trays, CD Accessories & DVD Accessories

DiscSox Sleeves minimize storage space for CD and DVD discs and provide ultimate protection


Maintenance KitAdd a removable, protective film to the Data side of the disc


The DiscGuard film shields your CD, VCD, CD-ROM, ... from scratches and any other permanent damage.

DiscGuards are made from the same optical grade material (poly carbonate) as the disc itself.

In case the DiscGuard gets scratched it can easily be removed and replaced.


  Note that DiscGuards do not use glue, and thus will never permanently adhere to the disc or leave any residue when removed!  


Application of DiscGuard protection films is simple and reversible; DiscGuards just peal off if they need to be replaced.


Click here for instructions and additional pictures.


DiscGuards come in a kit and as 20-Packs.


DiscGuard Kit includes

  • 10 optical grade DiscGuard protection films
  • Padded Disc Workstation designed to align DiscGuards and discs


Note that discs need to be cleaned prior to adding a DiscGuard which can easily be done with the Maintenance Kit.


      Maintenance-Kit   $14.95

Item #: MK2  In Stock: Yes  Quantity:  


      Spray Cleaning Kit   $7.95

Item #: SCK_rl  In Stock: Yes  Quantity:  


       Lens Cleaner   $12.95

Item #: LC_rl  In Stock: Yes  Quantity:  


      Cleaning Cloth    $3.95

Item #: CC_rl  In Stock: Yes Quantity:  


       Workstation   $3.95

Item #: WS_rl  In Stock: Yes  Quantity:  



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